Motor Sport Marshals and Officials

All motor sport events are reliant on a dedicated group of marshals and officials. A race meeting requires lots of both. A large number of officials are required to ensure the events smooth running. The QMROA welcomes anyone willing to join the team. Stage Rallies, Circuit Racing and Hill climbs all require the same teams.





The things we do....


Jobs are varied and include the obvious tasks such as flag marshals and track marshals (those who attend to crashed/broken-down cars, clearing the track etc.). There are many more jobs all of which have to be done. Lap scoring (knowing what position each car is in on each lap), observation of driving standards, deciding if a race should be stopped or if it is safe to carry on after an incident, settling disputes and much more.

QMROA has been active in motorsport for over 55 years.

Our club is one the oldest in Australia dedicated to providing officials to local, national, international, and overseas events.

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There are many levels of motorsport ranging from Club to International. Some of the meets are held at tracks such as Morgan Park Raceway Warwick, and Queensland Raceway at Willowbank. Many of the national and international levels are held at the Townsville, and Gold Coast. Also, throughout Australia: Bathurst 1000, Darwin, Perth, Albert Park Melbourne (F1), Adelaide and New Zealand and more.

Being a member gives you:
• QMROA Membership Card and unique membership number
• Free QMROA Specialised Training in different areas
• A ‘members only’ page on our web site
• Information updates with events
• Social Events
• Special Prices for unique Regalia

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    Why Join QMROA? 

    • Free entry for you and a guest into the event which you volunteer
    • Help to obtain and upgrade your Motorsport Australia licence which is a requirement as a licenced official
    • Team and learning environments with experienced members
    • Make new friends and catching up with old ones
    • Get close to great racing from some of the best viewing positions
    • Gain valuable experiences.